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How Vantage Builds a Data Center Campus for Efficiency and Sustainability

Vantage is currently building a brand-new data center campus in Northern Virginia. From site selection to power to amenities, we wanted to document the progress as well as our thought process at each step of construction. What better way to show you the right way to build a data center than have data center (non)experts Kip & Gary show you the wrong way. Throughout construction of Vantage Ashburn in Northern Virginia, we’ll bring you a new Kip & Gary comic as well as a special look into what it takes to not only build a new data center, but a Vantage Data Centers campus.

As the cloud economy grows exponentially, the need for data centers will grow right along with it. This will naturally put a larger strain on resources as demand expands. Data | Economy estimates that 1/5 of the earth’s power will be consumed by the world’s data centers by 2025. That’s why we’re building data centers with sustainability and efficiency in mind today.

As you can tell from the cartoon above, Kip and Gary don’t exactly have their heads on straight when it comes to sustainability and efficiency. With Vantage though, you can bet we have sustainability in our minds with everything we design and build. From our Santa Clara campus to our Quincy, Washington, campus and our new Ashburn data center campus, we are dedicated to building responsibly and sustainably.

For example, we increase cooling efficiency using innovative cooling plants, outside air economization (when possible), and chilled water economizers in our newest data centers. In our new Ashburn campus, the planned industry-leading Water Utilization Efficiency (WUE) will be near zero liters kW/hr using cutting-edge cooling designs.

Sustainability doesn’t end with cooling though. Our data centers have motion-sensitive LED lighting, which saves on electricity without compromising security for workers and guests. Our 42-acre Ashburn campus, the first of its kind in Northern Virginia, will feature solar and wind energy sources onsite. The Ashburn campus’ parking lot will also feature wind and solar lights that use no grid power (and add a certain visual flair to the campus).

Our Santa Clara and Ashburn campuses include free electric vehicle charging stations and are close to mass transit. We also encourage a paperless office and recycling in all of our facilities. The little things add up.

Why are we so focused on sustainability? First and foremost, it’s just the right thing to do. In addition, companies expect their data center partners to be equally environmentally conscious. They require the use of renewable energy, low carbon footprints and energy efficient operations. We’re dedicated to ensuring we have as light of a touch as possible on natural resources. This is a natural result of our future-focused outlook. Collectively, every year we make a meaningful difference in preserving the environment.

As we look down the road, data centers will have to continually strive to do more efficiently. Even if Kip & Gary aren’t quite there yet, Vantage has it covered with an eye on a greener, more sustainable future.

To learn more about our sustainable Ashburn Data Center Campus, click here.