Cyberjaya (KUL1) Data Center Campus

Cyberjaya I Data Center Campus Overview

acre (2 hectare) campus
data centers
of critical IT load
square feet (63K square meters)

Our Cyberjaya campus sits in the heart of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor taking advantage of the country’s most up-to-date infrastructure and located away from seismic zones and flooding areas. This multi-story, four-data-center campus is an 8-minute drive from the Central Business District via the Persiaran APEC and a 30-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. With extensive connectivity options, this world-class, carrier-neutral campus will offer 463,000 square feet (63,000 square meters) of space once fully developed.

We’re pleased to offer all the advantages that come with choosing Vantage Data Centers. You’ll find a unique combination of people and technology: cooling and power that’s both sustainable and reliable; flexible room design and rigidly enforced physical security; and amenities that keep your staff happy—all backed by operational excellence at every location as we scrupulously adhere to our rigorous service and delivery standards across the globe.

KUL1 Certifications:

  • KUL11 and KUL13: Tier III Certification of Design, Uptime Institute
  • KUL11 and KUL13: Tier III Certification of Construction, Uptime Institute
  • KUL11: Threat, Vulnerability, Risk Assessment (TVRA) certified
  • KUL11: PCI-DSS and ISO 27001
  • For a complete list of our corporate certifications, please click here.

Campus Features



Vantage’s Cyberjaya campus provides redundancy across all systems. State-of-the-art electrical equipment is the foundation for maximum efficiency and reliability, ultimately ensuring customer uptime thanks to the support from a world-class in-house operations team.

  • Power provided by TNB
  • Multiple, diverse power feeds supporting the campus
  • KUL11 offers 2N redundancy
  • KUL12 offers N+2C (customized) redundancy
  • KUL13 and KUL14 will offer DR N+1 redundancy
  • All systems 100% concurrently maintainable



Our data center campuses are designed to cool your critical technology efficiently and economically. Our choice of cooling systems is reliable, ensuring your IT assets and applications are always running to keep up with the demands of your business.

  • KUL11 offers DX with N+1 redundancy
  • KUL12 offers N+2 redundancy using a closed-loop air-cooled chiller system with hot aisle containment
  • KUL13 will have a Water Utilization Efficiency (WUE) near zero (litres/kW/hr)
  • KUL14 will offer N+2 redundancy using a closed-loop air-cooled chiller system with hot aisle containment



The Cyberjaya data center campus offers multiple, diverse fiber pathways into each facility with access to both dark and lit fiber. It is carrier neutral, giving you the flexibility to manage your own network.

  • Multiple Meet-Me-Rooms (MMRs) allow for diverse paths
  • Multiple points-of-entry (POEs) ensure maximum path diversity for inbound carriers
  • Dual risers provide network diversity
  • Carrier neutral with extensive connectivity options



Stringent security and safety measures are hallmarks of every Vantage campus. Our Cyberjaya campus is no exception, so you can rest easy when it comes to the security of your digital assets.

  • On-site security operations center with patrols 24x7x365
  • CCTV surveillance with local and remote monitoring
  • Two-factor door access control
  • Perimeter security gates and fencing
  • Visitor management system with controlled and monitored access points and stringent access control policy



Our commitment to offering a superior customer environment is unsurpassed. Providing an atmosphere within each data center that helps you and your personnel relax, recharge and work more efficiently is essential.

  • Dedicated office and workspaces customizable to meet your needs
  • Multiple conference rooms and meeting spaces
  • Break area and pantry
  • Secure storage with easy access between data modules
  • Parking
  • Easy access to the Central Business District (8-minute drive)
  • Easy access to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (30-minute drive)



Vantage Data Centers builds and operates our campuses in ways that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, all while delivering the reliability that is our hallmark. Our baseline approach includes using renewable energy whenever possible and maintaining energy efficient operations with industry-leading PUEs. We’re committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030, both by reductions in the emissions we control directly, as well as those in our supply chain we can influence.

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