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To be a leader, you need a data center partner ready to ensure your technology and applications are powered, cooled, protected and connected, when and how you want them. We’ve standardized our campuses to reliably deliver all of the above, while remaining flexible enough to meet your specific needs. The peace of mind you experience from this predictable performance derives not only from infrastructure choices, but from the people who oversee the systems every day.

We’ve evolved a replicable and scalable blueprint for bringing together all the elements needed to serve the most demanding customers. When you don’t have to think about how your data center is running, you can focus on taking your business to the next level. Below, see how we’re creating the most reliable and efficient offerings in each essential area.


rack of power section for data centers


Vantage offers nearly 1GW of critical IT capacity with N+1 redundancy across all systems for uninterrupted operations. We provide flexible densities within data modules and seek green power sources wherever possible.
stairs leading to data center cooling units


Advanced cooling systems with N+2 redundancy are designed to be climate independent while also being environmentally responsible. Our choice of air cooled chillers in a closed-loop system not only saves a precious resource—there is no need for a continuous water source—but reduces energy use as well.
security finger print scanner in data center facility

Security & Compliance

Our rigorous policies meet or exceed industry standards. On-site security personnel patrol 24x7x365, supported by CCTV cameras throughout our campuses. A tiered security zone architecture with increasing levels of authorization and access must be satisfied before entering the main data center area. Plus, a multitude of certifications offer self-evident proof of our commitment to helping you achieve your compliance and audit requirements.
Connectivity for Frankfurt data center


Vantage brings the world to you. We are carrier-neutral, providing access to both lit and dark fiber to enable you to best manage your network. Each campus has a minimum of three points-of-entry with multiple pathways into a facility and into your data module for redundancy and peace of mind.
aggreko generators in a white room

Room Design

Lay out your critical infrastructure the way you want it. Offering slab and raised floor options, Vantage is focused on providing you maximum flexibility in how your data module is configured. With 12' 6" clearance heights of ceilings, lighting that’s adaptable to your rack placement and multiple options for fire protection, we have a proven record of supporting high-density compute.
data center amenities with break room


The office, meeting and storage spaces you need are available for your exclusive use, as well as stocked kitchens and break rooms just for relaxing.
outside data center with lamp posts with solar panels


Our sustainability efforts go far beyond lip service. From offering renewable power sources to reducing our carbon footprint, we share your commitment to environmental responsibility.
construction site for data center with cherry picker and forklifts


“Without employee and client safety, nothing else matters.” This core value and long-held pillar of Vantage Data Centers’ Environmental Health and Safety program clearly states our commitment to superior outcomes at every facility around the world. We deliver on it with a robust, proven, proactive risk management approach.
two men on roof looking at pipes

Operational Excellence

Uncompromising adherence to proven protocols provide the same experience all across the globe, with on-site teams fully certified to perform ongoing and preventive maintenance.

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