Our vision for the industry.

The buildings are just the beginning. The technology and infrastructure choices that surround them, and the people who stand behind them, are the real story. 

Vantage Data Centers adopted a forward-looking model created especially for the ongoing tech revolution. With AI, high-performance computing and machine learning about to make Moore’s Law look quaint, we took what we’ve been doing well for a decade and set out to expand, standardize and replicate it so we’d be ready for your growth.

When you want to reduce capital expenses, or when your business needs streamlined, efficient expansion, we’re ready. When you come to the planning table, we’re ready to be your partner with actionable solutions. And when transparency and predictability are must-haves, we’re ready with the technology and operating principles to help you sleep well at night.

Supporting your vision for the future of technology.

Our commitment to collaboration, wed to a flexible campus model and backed by years of operational excellence, provides all you need to reach your strategic goals. By supporting you in this way, we’re providing the foundation for how the whole world lives, works and plays today—all thanks to the critical digital infrastructure you’ve entrusted to our oversight.

We take this responsibility seriously, understanding not just its importance to your bottom line, but how it can enrich the lives of all the people you touch each day. You can see it in our core values.

Financial stability.

Delivering data centers for top cloud providers, hyperscalers and leading technology companies as quickly as the market needs them requires a sound capitalization philosophy. With excellent relationships in both the securitization and banking markets, Vantage Data Centers has a diverse funding pool that, combined with our standardized campus model, allows us to safely and reliably deliver industry-leading campuses at an accelerated pace. Our capital providers have confidence in our leadership and understand that we have a stable and viable business. A consortium of investors keeps us on a solid financial footing.

The people inside.
All of them.

Walk through a Vantage data center—racks and servers and chillers and cables—all far outnumber the people. Yet people really are what our data centers are all about, because by supporting the missions of our customers, we’re helping people connect with each other all across the world; meet virtually, whether as co-workers or family; start and run businesses; fully enjoy new technologies; safely archive photos and documents that are truly priceless, or simply irreplaceable to one person.

Recognizing our role in enabling all of the above, we’ve focused on scale, speed-to-market, efficiency, sustainability and operational excellence. And we’ve employed them all to ensure your success and the success of our partnership.

Company History