Phoenix Data Center Campus

Expanding Data Center Excellence to the Southwest

Phoenix Campus Overview

The Greater Phoenix area is a rapidly expanding data center market – now a Top 5 market – driven by a combination of ideal energy costs, environmentals and tax incentives. In response to market demand, Vantage acquired 50 acres outside Phoenix in Goodyear, Arizona, to build a 160MW mega-scale data center campus.

  • 50-acre campus
  • Three planned data centers: the first will be a 32MW single-story facility
  • More than 1 million square feet of total space across the campus; 800,000 sq. ft. of total leasable data center space
  • Multiple power density options with an average up to 250W/sq. ft.
  • Class A building amenities including office, conference rooms, break rooms and more


Vantage is a leader in the data center space because of our commitment to providing customers with a superior environment. Vantage knows customers spend a lot of time in the data center, and having space to work, relax and recharge is essential. Vantage Phoenix will include dedicated customer office space, always-available conference rooms to keep teams working efficiently, and large-scale break room facilities with food, games, entertainment and more.

  • Customizable offices and workspaces dedicated to individual customers
  • Secure storage with easy access between data modules
  • Proximity to local amenities like Canyon Trails Towne Center, Palm Valley Pavilions West, Phoenix Goodyear Airport and more

Vantage’s Phoenix campus will feature a highly modularized electrical equipment design to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. The planned campus will offer N+1 redundancy across all systems, all supported by a world-class in-house operations team ensuring customer uptime.    

  • Powered by Arizona Public Service Company (APS)
  • Dedicated substation onsite
  • Multiple, diverse utility power feeds supporting the campus
  • Receiving power at 69+kV and distributing around campus at 12kV and 480V within the building
  • All systems 100% concurrently maintainable

Vantage will use efficient, reliable cooling systems at the new Phoenix campus. The campus will leverage a highly efficient closed-loop chilled water system generated through air-cooled chillers. The cooling system will also include an integrated economizer capability that allows reduced compressor energy based on outside ambient temperature, so when the weather is favorable, cooling becomes more sustainable and less resource intensive.

  • Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) units located in galleries of each data module allow for highly efficient airflow distribution
  • Closed-loop chilled water system with air-side economizers
  • Planned N+2 redundancy across all mechanical systems
  • Planned Water Utilization Efficiency (WUE) is near zero (liters/kW/hr) based on closed-loop chilled water system design

Vantage Phoenix will offer multiple, diverse fiber pathways into the campus with access to both dark and lit fiber. Vantage’s Phoenix campus will be carrier-neutral, giving customers the flexibility to manage their own network.

  • Most of the infrastructure in the area will utilize underground deployment topologies
  • Multiple Meet-Me-Rooms (MMRs) throughout campus will allow for diverse paths and multiple connectivity options
  • Multiple points of entry (POEs) for the campus will ensure maximum path diversity for inbound carriers
  • Diverse conduit pathways into the campus will provide access to both dark and lit fiber

The safety of your data center is the last thing you should have to worry about. Vantage takes care of it for you with stringent security and safety measures. Your data center is in safe hands at Vantage.

  • On-site security operations center with patrols 24x7x365
  • Perimeter security gates and fencing
  • CCTV on all access control points throughout the entire campus
  • Dual authentication (access badge/PIN and biometric readers) for customer spaces and critical infrastructure areas
  • Visitor Management System with controlled and monitored access points and stringent access control policy

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