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Quincy Data Center Campus

The Most Cost-Effective Data Center Solution in the Country

Quincy Campus Overview

With 68-acres and capacity for two additional data centers, you’ll have room to grow with Vantage. Quincy benefits from the lowest power rates in the country, and Washington’s tax breaks provide the lowest TCO in North America.

  • 512,500 sq. ft. of data center area potential
  • 6MW of critical IT load operational
  • 70MW of critical IT load potential
  • Hydropower offers the lowest TCO in the US
  • Washington state tax incentives further reduce TCO


One reason Vantage is a leader in the data center space is our commitment to providing a superior environment for our customers. We know that our customers spend a lot of time in the data center, and having space to work, relax and recharge is essential. Quincy includes dedicated customer office space, always-available conference rooms to keep teams working efficiently and large-scale break room facilities with food, games, entertainment and more.

  • Customizable customer offices and workspaces dedicated to individual customers
  • Multiple conference rooms and meeting spaces throughout the campus
  • Secure storage with easy access between data modules

When it comes to power, it’s all about reliability and efficiency. Vantage’s Quincy campus has both covered. The campus offers impressive redundancy and guaranteed uptime (and peace of mind). We’ll make sure that you’re always up and running so you can focus on what’s really important, achieving your business goals. The Vantage team is constantly building and deploying the latest technology and services to continually improve efficiency and reliability.

  • Power provided by Grant County PUD, offering the lowest per-KW rates in the country
  • Multiple, diverse power feeds supporting the campus
  • Planned on-site substation
  • 600V electrical design at the PDU to maximize electrical efficiency

Vantage’s Quincy campus offers multiple solutions to ensure highly efficient data hall cooling and humidity management. The campus has multiple solutions to meet all cooling needs.

  • Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) units located in two galleries on opposite sides of each data module allows for highly efficient airflow distribution
  • Closed-loop chilled water system with air-side economizers
  • N+1 redundancy across all mechanical systems
  • Planned Water Utilization Efficiency (WUE) is near zero (liters/kW/hr) with latest cooling design planned for new buildings

We build our facilities with customization in mind. That also applies to network access. You can manage your own network or we can help customize to suit your specific needs.  

  • Diverse fiber paths into the campus available with additional planned
  • Multiple MMRs in each building
  • Multiple carriers available in Quincy with both lit (including Frontier Com­munications, CenturyLink, NoaNet, Noel Communications and StarTouch) and, based on location, dark fiber from providers such as Zayo, SDN Next-Generation Network Platform and PacketFabric

The security of your data center is the last thing you should have to worry about. So we’ve taken care of it for you with stringent security and safety measures throughout our campus. Vantage offers multiple layers of security to ensure your data center is protected 24/7.

  • Security personnel onsite 24/7
  • Minimum of five layers of security protecting each customer’s data module
  • CCTV video surveillance from multiple cameras across the campus with 30-day video archiving always available
  • Visitor management systems and badging to control and track all personnel on site all the time

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